House of Taylor

Identity and design for House of Taylor, holding Trust for Elizabeth Taylor companies.


We developed a simple, but bold identity to help House of Taylor in their B2B efforts as they expand partnerships which help fund the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Our concept positioned House of Taylor as the vessel for whatever unique projects arise. Not unlike an art museum’s relationship to the work inside. Minimal and modular layout choices nod to this  concept, while our typography carries an added note of sensuality.

From boldly passionate, to deeply caring, and intelligently driven, Elizabeth Taylor lead a full and dynamic life.

Eric Del Greco
Josh Friedman
Liz Vogstberger
Jeanie Mordukhay

Elizabeth Taylor Social

Design for Elizabeth Taylor’s social channels.


For the external-facing channels of House of Taylor, we developed a look that celebrates Elizabeth’s passionate character, and a system that brings new life to a full archive of content.

Los Angeles, CA        @n__damico