The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

Identity for Elizabeth Taylor’s AIDS foundation, founded in 1991. The foundation focuses on funding direct action groups in the US and abroad.  

Eric Del Greco
Liz Vogtsberger
Josh Friedman

Elizabeth Taylor founded her organization in 1991 after becoming an early spokesperson for the fight against AIDS despite the stigma of the time. After nearly three decades in operation, the foundation needed to reengage its audience to continue funding its various projects.

We developed a brand strategy that focused on modernizing the values that Elizabeth had always demonstrated. Our identity combines her warmth and boldness into something that feels fresh, yet tenured. 

The logomark reimagines the classic AIDS ribbon into a capital E, with Elizabeth’s signature violet color in the background and AIDS red in the foreground. This Elizabeth-backed ribbon became a useful brand device that extends into other illustrative elements. Our typography moves between reputable expertise and emboldened messaging nodding to designs of early AIDS awareness.


Los Angeles, CA        @n__damico